Denarius issued by the Ancient Roman Republic, 49-48 BC
Issuing authority: Pompey the Great, CN PISO PROQ (Cn. Piso)
Struck at mint moving with Pompet's army, perhaps in Greece

Obverse Description

Diademed head of Numa facing right; behind, CN. PISO. PRO. Q; off flan at right, [PISO]

Reverse Description

Ship's prow facing right; above MAGN; below, PRO. CO[S]

Edge Description



In 49 BC Pompey moved his army from Brundisium to Greece and spent time preparing his army to meet that of Julius Caesar in Macedonia. This coin was struck at that time. Caesar arrived in 48 BC and while Pompey was initially successful, he lost the crucial battle at Pharsalus and fled to Egypy. Pompey was stabed to death on arrival in Egypt (28 Sept. 48 BC)..

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