Australia Victoria Melbourne
Medal - National Gallery of Victoria Travelling Scholarship, c. 1890
Mint: Melbourne
Other Details: An unissued prize medal from the National Gallery reference collection. The medal was produced to commemorate the National Gallery of Victoria Travelling Scholarship. The first National Gallery of Victoria travelling scholarship was awarded in 1887 to John Longstaff for his painting 'Breaking the News'. He travelled to Paris.

Physical Description

An unissued bronze prize medal (45 mm diameter) featuring Victory seated with Victor's wreath and olive branch.

Obverse Description

At centre within closed floral wreath, TRAVEL- / LING / SCHOLAR- / SHIP; around, NATIONAL : GALLERY : OF : VICTORIA : AUSTRALIA *

Reverse Description

Winged Victory, seated, facing l., holding a wreath in right hand, olive branch in left; around above VICTORIA . FRONDE . CORONAT; in the exergue: ALLAN WYON

Edge Description


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