Medal Conquest of Istria, Issued by France, 1806
Artist: Jean Pierre Droz
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Laureate head of Napoleon facing right; around, NAPOLEON EMP ET ROI; on neck truncation in small lettering, DROZ FECI, below, DENON DIREXI MDCCCVI.

Reverse Description

View of temple of Augustus at Pola with ROMAE ET CAESARI AUGUSTO on lintel; around, TEMPLE D'AUGUSTE A POLA. in exergue, L'ISTRIE CONQUISE / AN MDCCCVI; in small lettering near edges above the exergue line, BRENET F. and DENON D.

Edge Description



"This medal was struck, and ordered to be distributed by the French government after the conquest of Istria, by the French arms, whereby the Austrian government lost a great revenue, from the quicksilver mines situated in that district" Laskey p.115

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