Copper one Penny Token, minted by W.J. Taylor of London. Issued by E.F. Dease in Launceston, Tasmania, circa 1855. The mintage figure for this token type was 10000 pieces. Dease was a wholesale and retail draper in Launceston. He issued token penny and halfpenny pieces, from his store 'The Golden Fleece' in 1855. Henry Hall was a grocer, wine and spirit merchant and ran a coffee mill. He arranged for two mints to strike tokens, W.J. Taylor in London, and Stokes in Melbourne.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter) featuring the name, address and business of the company which issued the tokens: E.F. Dease, Brisbane Street, Launceston, wholesale and retail draper. The reverse features a Golden Fleece hanging from a ribbon linked to a pineapple with six leaves at the top and surrounded by the Latin motto SIC VOS NON VOBIS VELLERA FERTIS OVES. This token has been heavily cleaned and is worn and damaged.

Obverse Description

At centre between plain scrolls, E.F. DEASE; above, ONE, below, PENNY; around, WHOLESALE & RETAIL DRAPERY WAREHOUSE * BRISBANE ST. *

Reverse Description

Golden Fleece hanging from ribbon attached to pineapple with 6 spikes; around, SIC VOS NON VOBIS VELLERA FERTIS OVES +

Edge Description


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