One Florin - Two Shillings, 1934-35
Alternative Name: Melbourne Centenary Florin
Mint: Melbourne

Issued to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Victoria (1834) and the foundation of Melbourne (1935). The coins were sold at a premium of one shilling to help finance the celebrations. 75,000 were struck, but at the end of the event 21,000 remained unsold and were melted. It features the centenary logo of an equestrian figure, slightly modified to fit the circular format of a coin (the logo was set in an oval).

Obverse Description

Crowned and robed bust of George V facing left; around, GEORGE V KING EMPEROR

Reverse Description

Naked rider advancing to the left holding a flaming torch aloft; in exergue, .FLORIN. around, CENTENARY . VICTORIA . MELBOURNE . 1934-35.

Edge Description



For sale on E-Bay in 2004 was a paper envelope with the following legend: 'Foy and Gibson Pty. Ltd./ Melbourne, Collingwood, Prahran, Perth, Adelaide/ This envelope contains a Centenary Florin/ (legal tender for 2/-) / of which a limited issue was minted by the Royal Mint and / offered for sale at 3/- each by the [Melbourne?] Centenary [Committee? illeg] to commemorate the/ 100th anniversary of the / foundation of the State of /Victoria and City of Melbourne.
These coins were issued in the / year 1935, in which Foy & / Gibson Pty. Ltd. commenced/ the erection of their great/ department store at the /corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets, Melbourne.'

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