Medal - Museum Victoria Comet Halley, 1986 (AD)
Mint: Hafner Mint
Other Details: Manufactured by the Museum Board to commemorate Comet Halley, sold at various events arranged. This is one of many medals produced in Australia to celebrate the return of Halley's Comet in 1986. The comet is named after Edmond Halley because he foretold its return in 1758 and every 75 years thereafter. The period of its orbit is by coincidence close to that of a human lifetime, perhaps explaining why this, among all comets, is the most famous.

Physical Description

A silver plated commemorative medal (32 mm diameter) featuring a bust of Edmund Halley and a comet image drawn from an ancient Roman coin.

Obverse Description

Bust of Halley, facing right; above, EDMOND HALLEY below, MUSEUM OF VICTORIA , under l. shoulder HAFNER

Reverse Description

Depiction of comet with COMET HALLEY across, above, AUSTRALIA; below, 1986

Edge Description


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