Copper Halfpenny Token, minted by W.J. Taylor of London. Issued by E.F. Dease in Launceston, Tasmania, circa 1855. The mintage figure for this token type was 10000 pieces. Dease was a wholesale and retail draper in Launceston. He issued token penny and halfpenny pieces, from his store 'The Golden Fleece' in 1855. Henry Hall was a grocer, wine and spirit merchant and ran a coffee mill. He arranged for two mints to strike tokens, W.J. Taylor in London, and Stokes in Melbourne.

Physical Description

A round copper token (28 mm diameter) featuring the name, address and business of the company which issued the tokens: E.F. Dease, Brisbane Street, Launceston, wholesale and retail draper. The reverse features a Golden Fleece hanging from a ribbon linked to a pineapple and surrounded by the Latin motto SIC VOS NON VOBIS VELLERA FERTIS OVES.

Obverse Description

At centre between plain scrolls, E.F. DEASE; above, HALF below, PENNY; around, WHOLESALE & RETAIL DRAPERY WAREHOUSE * BRISBANE ST. *

Reverse Description

Golden Fleece hanging from ribbon attached to pineapple with 6 spikes; around, SIC VOS NON VOBIS VELLERA FERTIS OVES +

Edge Description


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