Farthing, Issued by Isle of Man, 1839
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Head of Victoria facing left, plain bands in hair; the artist's initials W:W. incuse on neck truncation; below, 1839; around above, VICTORIA DEI GRATIA

Reverse Description

Arms of Isle of Man - the triskelis: three legs joined at the upper part of the thigh, flexed, garnished and spurred; around, QVOCVNQVE IECERIS STABIT (wherever you throw, it will stand)

Edge Description



Struck at the Royal Mint, London in accordance with an Order in Council dated 10 April 1839 from dies by William Wyon. The issue of 1839 included the denominations of penny, 1/2 penny and farthing. By an Act of Tynwald the currency of the Isle of Man was superseded by British Imperial coinage from 1840. Issues bearing dates later than 1839 are considered patterns and were not issued for circulation.

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