Copper coin; Denomination: Penny
Soho Mint, Birmingham
King George III (1760-1820)

Coins of this type were shipped to Sydney, Australia and released in 1800 with a current value of twopence. Theye were also current in Tasmania at that figure. The coin also occurs in Melbourne (founded 1835) found both in archaeological contexts and counterstruck , normally in very worn condition.

Obverse Description

Laureate and draped bust of the King facing right, on truncation K (the initial of the die engraver Conrad Heinrick Klucher); around, incuse on a broad rim, GEORGIUS III . D : G . REX.

Reverse Description

Britannia seated facing left on rock against which rests a shield with combines flags of St. Andrew and St. George, holding a trident and olive branch; among rocks below shield, SOHO; on horizon at left, three-masted warship sailing on horizon to right; around incuse on raised rim, BRITANNIA 1797

Edge Description


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