Silver Emergency coin; Denomination: Dollar
George III (1760-1820)

Counterstamped Spanish American 8 Real coin issued by Treasury with a value of 4 shillings 9 pence to supplement a deficiency in British silver coins (Grueber p. 150). The original coin a 1790 I.J. 8 Real from the Lima Mint, Peru (KM#97)

Obverse Description

At the centre of the original coin obverse a small oval counterstamp bearing a laureate bust of George III facing right. The original coin has a laureate and draped bust of Charles III facing right; around, CAROLUS IV DEI GRATIA 1790

Reverse Description

Crowned square topped shield quartered with lions and castles between two pillars; incuse on ribbon draped around pillars, PLUS ULTRA; around HISPAN ET IND REX LIMAE (monogram) 8R IJ

Edge Description

incuse circles and rectangles


Although the legend correctly names the reigning monarch of Spain in 1790 as Carlos IV, the portrait on this coin is that of the Spanish King Carlos III who had died on 14 December 1788. The first issues with the portrait of Carlos IV did not appear on the issues of the Lima mint in Peru where this coin was originally struck, until part way through 1791.

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