Proof 1 Rupee, Issued by Mauritius, 1938
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Crowned head of the King facing left; around, GEORGE VI KING EMPEROR; the artist's initials, HP, below neck truncation

Reverse Description

The shield of Mauritius quartered with a lymphad (galley), three palm trees, a key and a star from which a light shines (these last two reflect the motto of the island which does not appear on the coin 'the star and key of the Indian Ocean'); the shield divides the date 1938; around above, MAURITIUS; around below, ONE RUPEE

Edge Description

Security edge


George VI acceded to the British throne in December 1936 with his coronation occuring on 12 May 1937. Mauritius was well supplied with coins at this time although there was a call for additional 1/4 rupee pieces in early 1937. The Royal Mint was unwilling to issue coins showing the king wearing a crown until after 12 May so that need was filled by striking additionakl coina of George V with the date 1936. It was 1938 before further coins were needed with 2,000,000 1/4 rupees and 200,000 rupees being struck that year. The Royal Mint, at that time, manufactured special Proof of Record coins for select reference collections. This coin was provided for the Melbourne Branch of the Royal Mint.

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