Silver coin; Denomination, Penny
Unknown Mint
Eadgar (959-975), King of All England
Moneyer: Unbein

Eadgar succeeded his brother Eadwig in 959 as King of All England (he had been king of Mercia and Northumbria since 957).
At the beginning of his reign Eadgar followed the coinage types of his brother, the king's name but no portrait on the obverse and the moneyer's name in two lines on the reverse. Inclusion of the mint name had dropped out of use. In about 973 Eadgar introduced a coinage reform. The multiple mints authorized by Aethelstan remained active, but a standardized coin design, featuring the king's head on the obverse, was now introduced for all and the mint and moneyer's names were returned to the reverse around a small cross.

Edgar die in 975 leaving two sons, Edward - later known as the Martyr; and Aethelred - later known as the Unready. Both became kings and both continued the coin design introduced by Eadgar (see NU 73 and NU 77)

Obverse Description

A small cross pattee at the centre within a line circle, around, + EADGAR REX

Reverse Description

The moneyers name, VNB EIN, in two lines divided by three crosses; with a three dots trefoil above and below the name.

Edge Description


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