Silver coin; Denomination: Shilling
Royal Mint, London
George II (1727-1760)

The shilling had a current value of 12 pence. Struck from bullion supplied from mines in the West of England - indicated by the roses on the reverse.

Obverse Description

Young laureate bust of George II facing left wearing armour, with lion's head on shoulder; around, GEORGIVS II DEI GRATIA.

Reverse Description

Four crowned shields arranged to form a cross, England and Scotland impaled, France, Ireland and the Electorate of Brunswick and Luneburg; large Star of the Garter at the centre; a rose in each angle; around, M B F ET H REX F D B ET L D S R I A T ET E 1739, the date being broken by a crown. (Translation obverse and reverse: George II by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, Archi-Thesaurius and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire).

Edge Description

Diagonal milling, ///.

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