Proof 10 Cents, Issued by Hong Kong, 1937
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Crowned head of George VI facing left; around, GEORGE VI KING AND EMPEROR OF INDIA; artist's initials, PM, below neck

Reverse Description

At centre within a circle of dots, four Chinese characters; around, . HONG - KONG . TEN CENTS 1937

Edge Description

Milled with central security path of dots


The 1935 issue of 5 cent and 10 cent coins had been struck in a Copper-Nickel alloy (also termed a nickel-bronze), for the 1937 issue, the first of George VI, pure nickel was chosen. The 1935 coins had been extensively forged, the new coins were made thicker so that a special security edge couold be adopted. After the 1937 coins were issued the older pieces, both of silver and copper-nickel, were withdrawn from circulation.

The issue was authorised by proclamation issued by R.A.C. North, Colonial Secretary on 7 October 1937, the 5 and 10 cent coins to be legal tender up to $2 from 8 October 1937. The full proclamation was published in the 1937 Annual Report of the Deputy Master and Comptroller of the Royal Mint, p. 76-77.

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