Silver coin; denomination: Penny
York Mint
Cnut (1016- 1035) King of All England
Moneyer: Witherin; Type: Pointed Helmet Penny (1023-1029)

Cnut became king of England when he defeated and killed Eadmund Ironside, son of Aethelred the Unready in 1016. In 1017 he married Aethelred's widow Emma to secure his position in England. In 1019 he succeeded to the throne of Denmark and in 1028 he was recognized as King of Norway. Cnut brought an end to years of Viking raids by his control of Denmark and Norway and by maintaining a standing army and navy in England. He died on 12 November 1035 but his son, Harthacnut was unable to leave Denmark to claim his English throne. As a result, Harold, Harthacnut's half-brother and illegitimate son of Cnut, was appointed regent, with Queen Emma holding Wessex for Harthacnut. Harold drove Emma out of the country in 1137, he became Harold I she returned to Normandy where her brother was the Duke.

Obverse Description

A bust wearing a pointed helmet facing left, in front, sceptre; around, CNVT REX AN

Reverse Description

A short cross, voided with the base of the arms joined at the centre by two circles around a central bead; the arms of the cross with annulets enclosing beads, all within a line circle; around, + PIDRINE MO EOFR (Witherin moneyer York)

Edge Description


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