1/2 Cent, Issued by, British East Africa (Kenya) and Uganda, 1908
Minted by Royal Mint, London

This coin was one of the first aluminium coins in the world to go into circulation. The British Mint commenced mintage of aluminium 1/10th penny coins for British West Africa in 1906, and in 1907 began production of aluminium one cent and half cent coins for British East Africa. The aluminium coins suffered from corrosion, and were soon replaced with copper-nickel coins of the same designs.

Obverse Description

A central hole with curved floral design to left and right; above hole, crown; below hole in two lines, HALF / CENT; around, EDWARD VII KING & EMPEROR

Reverse Description

Curved around central hole four elephant tusks; above hole, 1/2; around outside line circle, EAST AFRICA & UGANDA PROTECTORATES 1908

Edge Description



The spots of corrosion on this coin are characteristic. The aluminium was replaced by copper-nickel in 1909 because of this corrosion problem.

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