Copper One Penny Token, minted by Thomas Stokes, Melbourne. Issued by Love & Roberts, Storekeepers, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, 1865. The earliest records of this business are two advertisements from 1866, the first for the Newtown Store Annual Stock-Taking. The second described their new stock for the 'Autumn and Winter season' and gave an extensive listing of the range of fabrics, hats and other draperies they sold. In 1867 they were listed as 'Storekeepers, Wagga Wagga' in Samson's National Directory of New South Wales for 1867.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter). The token gives the name and address of the issuer, Love & Roberts, Storekeepers at Wagga Wagga and of the manufacturer: T. Stokes, Melbourne together with the date of issue, 1865. It depicts a plough on the reverse. It is almost uncirculated with much mint lustre and has the number 73 pencilled on the reverse.

Obverse Description

At centre in a straight line LOVE & ROBERTS; curved above, WAGGA WAGGA, curved below, STOREKEEPERS / NEW SOUTH WALES The space between T of STORE and E of NEW is 1.8 mm. Border of 131 dots

Reverse Description

Plough facing left; below, T.STOKES MELBOURNE / 1865; around, THE COMMERCIAL PASTORAL & FARMING INTERESTS : The numeral 1 of the date falls under the letters KE of STOKES, border of 141 dots.

Edge Description


More Information

  • Collection Names

    Alfred Chitty Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Numismatics & Philately, Sustainable Futures, Working Life & Trades

  • Acquisition Information

    Transfer from National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Mr Alfred Chitty, 15 Mar 1976

  • Date Issued

    1865 AD

  • Issued By

    Love & Roberts, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, 1865
    NU35764 is the original obverse die used to strike this token.

  • Mint

    Stokes (Mint), Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1865

  • Previous Collection

    Mr Alfred Chitty

  • Inscriptions


  • Denomination

    1 Penny

  • Series

    Trade Tokens

  • Material


  • Axis


  • Classification

    Trade tokens, Australia - new south wales, Working strikes

  • Category

    History & Technology

  • Discipline


  • Type of item


  • Dimensions

    34 mm (Outside Diameter), 14.047 g (Weight)

  • Shape


  • References

    Love and Roberts employed the Melbourne die sinker Thomas Stokes to prepare its token issue. Two obverse and two reverse dies were employed for the original work but these remained with Stokes and were employed in the early Twentieth century for re-striking and combined with a further other Stokes dies mule concoction. The museum storage is based on die identification and on original or late strikes - the late strikes and concoctions are stored with other late strikes, they are Twentieth century collector pieces, not trade tokens. This token is an original strike employing the die combination A/1 For the original strikes there were two obverses and two reverses: Obverse A: T of STORE to E of New is 1.8 mm, the V of LOVE points to the middle of the S, border of 131 dots Obverse B: T of STORE to E of New is 0.8 mm, the V of LOVE points to the top of the S, border of 140 dots Reverse 1: 1 of date below letters KE of STOKES, lower handle of plough points to G, border of 141 dots Reverse 2: 1 of date below letters OK of STOKES, lower handle of plough points between NG, border of 131 dots The museum holds two Love and Roberts dies: reverse 2 - NU35758 = rev 2 and obverse A - NU35764
    [Book] Andrews, Arthur. 1921. Australasian Tokens and Coins., No. 335
    [Book] Heyde, Gilbert C. & Skinner, Dion H. 1967. Unofficial Coins of Colonial Australia and New Zealand., No. 153/1

  • Keywords

    Agriculture, Ploughs, Retailing, Shops