Silver coin; Denomination: Penny
Royal Mint, London
John (1199-1216) Plantagenet King of England, brother of Richard I, son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Moneyer: Walter (possible); Type: Short Cross Penny Class 5b

John was best known for sealing the Magna Carta (and for being the King John of Robin Hood fame). On his coins he continued to use the obverse name Henry - only on his Irish coins does the name John occur. The dating of this issue is still uncertain. Class 5 was initiated with the recoinage in 1205 but the introduction of class 6 may have been as early as 1210 or as late as 1218.

Obverse Description

A crowned bust of the King facing within a line circle, holding a sceptre outside the circle; around; HENRICVS [REX]

Reverse Description

A short cross voided within a beaded circle, a quatrefoil in each angle; around, ..TER ON LVND

Edge Description


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