Bronze coin; Denomination: Farthing
Royal Mint, London
George VI (1936-1952)

A farthing is a quarter penny coin. British coins (and those of the Empire and Commonwealth dominions) included within the royal title "IND: IMP:" - Emperor (or Empress) of India. from the reign of Queen Victoria until late in the reign of King George VI. In 1947 India became independent and all coining dies had to be changed. It was 1949 before the title was removed from the UK coinage. This coin is a proof-of-record strike of the first issue without the title IND: IMP:.

Obverse Description

Bare head of the King facing left; below neck in small letters, HP (T. Humphrey Paget); around, GEORGIVS VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX FIDEI DEF:

Reverse Description

Wren standing facing left; behind in field monogram HWP (H. Wilson Parker); below, FARTHING; above, 1949

Edge Description


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