Portcullis Trade Coinage
2 Testerns, 1601
Mint: Royal Mint, London
Issue by The Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies, 1601

These coins have also been attributed to India. In addition to Testerns, they are also known as Reales and Dollars and sometimes as Crowns with British fractions. Testerns was the term used in the Royal Warrent authorising their production. They were based on, and intended to replace, the Spanish and Spanish American coins commonly called reales and dollars and were probably called by these names during the very short time they were in trade. Crowns and other British terms are incorrect and seem to be derived from their production in London.

Obverse Description

At centre within a partial beaded circle, Royal shield of arms crowned between E and R, both letters crowned; around, 0: ELIZABETH D:G: AN: FR: ET . HIBER: REGINA

Reverse Description

At centre within a partial beaded circle, crowned portcullis with chains; around, 0: POSVI DEVM ADIVTOREM MEVM (translation: I have made God my helper)

Edge Description


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