Silver Threepence Token, minted and issued by J.C. Thornthwaite of New South Wales, in 1854. Thornthwaite was the first person to manufacture tokens and medals in Australia. Migrating to Sydney in 1849, his tokens are noteworthy for the lack of clarity of detail in design because the dies were not cut deep enough and he lacked the tools to produce high quality tokens. Thornthwaite also worked as a medallist, particularly after tokens were made illegal in NSW in 1868.

Previous collections: National Gallery of Victoria

Physical Description

A round silver token (16 mm dia) featuring an Arms of New South Wales supported by a kangaroo and emu. The numeral 3, representing the denomination, is formed from 'oak leaves'

Obverse Description

Arms of New South Wales supported by kangaroo (left) and emu (right); around, SYDNEY NEW SOUTH WALES; below, 1854

Reverse Description

Large numeral 3 formed from leaves; around, SILVER TOKEN 1854

Edge Description


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