Copper One Penny Token, minted by W.J. Taylor, London. Issued by Hanks & Lloyd, Australian Tea Mart, Sydney, 1855. J.G. Hanks joined A. Lloyd to open a business in 1855. The same year Hanks and Lloyd must have received their first tokens, as the partners used them as commemoratives for the opening of the first Sydney Railway in1855, an excellent publicity opportunity. In 1858 the company had changed name, becoming Hanks & Co. It seems that Lloyd was still participating in the business, but he had always been the junior partner.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm dia) featuring the name, address and business of the issuing company Hanks & Lloyd Sydney Tea Market. The Hanks and Lloyd penny token orders employed three obverse and two reverse dies. The reverses are either dated 1855 or 1857 but the obverse die identification is based on the height of the letters in the word SYDNEY, the length of the word HANKS together with the number of border dots. In this case: The obverse has 137 dots around the rim. The letters in the word SYDNEY are 3 mm high and HANKS is 17.5 mm long. The reverse has a border of 135 dots and the P of PEACE almost touches the emu's back - it is from the same die used on the Hanks & Co. 1857 issue see NU3807

Obverse Description


Reverse Description

Arms of New South Wales; above, PEACE & PLENTY; below, 1857 on ribbon below Arms, ADVANCE AUSTRALIA

Edge Description


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