Silver octagonal-shaped seige coin; Denomination: Shilling
Struck in the town of Pontefract after the death of Charles I (30 January 1648/9)
Issued in the name of Charles II (1660-1685) who did not take the throne until 1660.

A shilling was a 12 pence coin.

Obverse Description

Crown above the letters CR; around from sides of crown, DVM SPIRO SPERO (translation: while I live I hope) Holed and plugged, the cross on the crown should be raised.

Reverse Description

Castle from right turret of which a cannon protrudes; at left, OBS; above divided by centre turret, PC; around, CAROLVS SECVNDVS 1648 (the N of SECVNDVS retrograde)

Edge Description


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