Medal Vaccination, Issued by France, 1804
Artist: Andreau
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Esculapius, and the Venus de Medicis; on the left a cow, and on the right a lancet open; in small lettering at left and right, ANDRIEU F. DENON DIR.; in exergue, LA VACCINE / MDCCCIV.

Reverse Description

A laurel wreath, encircling the field, which is plain.

Edge Description



"during the year 1804, the vaccine inoculation was introduced into France, and schools were instituted for the instruction and practice of the art. This medal was struck to commemorate the establishment of the society for the extermination of the small-pox by vaccination; the society's rooms are situated in the Rue du Battoir, St. Andre des Arts, Paris." Laskey p. 86. The medal referred to here was a general commemorative and had the head of Napoleon as an obverse, Laskey XLVII. This medal was apparently intended as a personal commemorative with the space on the reverse left for the individual vaccinated to inscribe their name.

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