Heroes of Verdun medal, France, 1916.

Obverse Description

Two female figures, one representing the French Army, the other the French Republic. They stand together, symbolising a united France, fending of the imperial German eagle that wears a crown and brandishes a sword. The eagle is flying towards the town of Verdun, barely visible in the background, but it's path is blocked by the arms of the French Republic and town of Verdun. Text reads 'VERDUN / ON NE PASSE PAS MCMXVI' (Verdun They Shall Not Pass 1916).

Reverse Description

Three medallions at the top section of the medal. The first features a bust of General Petain with his name, the second is General Nivelle, and the third features General Castelnac. Central text reads 'A LA GLOIRE DES HEROES DE VERDUN MCMXVI' is framed by a laurel wreath with a Croix de Guerre and Legion of Honor at the base.

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