Tin coin with a copper plug; Denomination: Farthing
Royal Mint, London
King Charles II (1660-1685)

In 1684 it was decided to issue the farthing in tin with a copper plug to mahe forgery difficult. The edge legend, servant of the coinage in Latin, reflects the fact that this was a token coin - the value of metal it contained was less than the current value of the coin. Profit to the state of this production was 40% and it is recorded that part of the reason for the move away from copper was to assist tin mining. This coin is in the usual condition they are found - suffering corrosion of the tin.

Obverse Description

Mostly missing due to corrosion - Laureate bust of Charles II wearing armour facing left; around, CAROLVS . A . CAROLO

Reverse Description

Mostly missing due to corrosion - Britannia seated facing left on a globe, extending an olive branch and holding a spear, her left hand rests on a shield decorated with the crosses of St. George and St. Andrew; around, BRITANNIA.

Edge Description

Missing due to corrosion - NVMMORVM * FAMVLVS * 1684 *

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