Silver coin; Denomination: Penny
Struck at York
Viking Invaders, Cnut Mirabilia Fecit type

King Cnut of Northumbria is a figure known only from his coins. Some 3,000 silver pennies with his name on them were in the Cuerdale hoard, found near Preston, Lancashire in 1840. The date suggested for the burial of this hoard is circa 905, soon after the Vikings were expelled from Dublin. Who Cnut was and where he reigned are matters of conjecture.

Obverse Description

A small cross pattee at the centre within a circle of beads; around, +MIRABILA FECIT.

Reverse Description

A patriachal cross with the letters of the name CNVT at the ends of the main arms and REX following the C, T and N

Edge Description


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