Silver coin; Denomination: Penny
Southwark Mint
William I (1066-1086), Norman Kings of England
Moneyer: Aeldouf; Type: Paxs

William I, the Conqueror, was the son of Robert le Diable, Duke of Normandy and heir designate of Edward the Confessor. He became King after the death of Harold II in the Battle of Hastings, 1066.

The Norman Conquest of England saw no change in the coinage system. The coinage consisted only of silver pennies and was struck at a variety of Mints with regular changes of type.

Obverse Description

A crowned and diademmed bust of the King facing; to right, a sceptre; around, + PILLELM [REX]

Reverse Description

Within a line circle, a cross pattee with an annulet in each angle, each annulet contains a letter of the word PAXS; around, + [....]VF ON SVDE

Edge Description


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