Medal la Victoire du 14 Juin, Victories of 14 June, Issued by France, 1807. The victories were: Marengo in 1800 and Friedland in 1807.
Artist: Bertrand Andrieu and Nicholas Brenet
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Laureate head facing right; around, NAPOLEON EMP. ET ROI.; below, ANDRIEU F. / DENON DIRT.

Reverse Description

Winged Victory standing facing right inscribing a shield set on an altar; on shield, XIV JUIN / MARINGO / FRIEDBURG; in exergue in small lettering, BRENET F. DENON D.

Edge Description



"On the 14th June, the anniversary of the battle of Marengo, the fatal battle of Friedland was fought between the Russians and the French ... The carnage was dreadful: according to the French Bulletins, the Russians left from 15 to 18,000 dead on the field. In this disastrous battle and retreat, the Russians lost a great part of their artillery, and almost all their magazines and ammunition on a line of 120 miles in extent. And the battle of Friedland was not less decisive than those of Austerlitz and Jena, nor its consequences less fatal to the independence of Europe." Laskey p. 141-142

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