Medal l'Ecole des Mines du Mont-Blanc, 'School of Mines, Mont-Blanc', Issued by France, 1804
Artist: Nicholas Guy Antoine Brenet
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Laureate head of Napoleon facing right, around, NAPOLEON EMPEREUR; below head in small lettering, DENON DIR. ANDRIEU F.

Reverse Description

Mont-Blanc represented as an old man of colossal size in a crouching attitude, blind from age, his head bald and capped with clouds, his beard long, flowing to the base of the mountain, which is washed by the sea in which a fish swims and on which his left foot rests; his right hand, from which a river (up which a fish swims) flows grasps a mountain steep, under which appears a cavern, where two miners work; his left hand in repose, lies across his left thigh (again with a river and fish but confused with his beard); in exergue, ECOLE DES MINES DU / MONT BLANC; in small lettering on exergue line, BRENET. F. DENON. D.

Edge Description



Struck to commemorate the establishment of schools for the instruction of students in the art of mining and mineralogy

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