Lord Kitchener Laudatory Medal, France, 1918.

Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener played a central role in the early part of the First World War as Secretary of State for War. Kitchener won fame in 1898 for the Battle of Omdurman, securing control of the Sudan and avenging the death of General Gordon. He was the Chief of Staff in the Second Boer War (1900-02) and then Commander-in-Chief of the Army in India (1902-09). In the First World War he was appointed Secretary of State for War, charged with organizing the large volunteer army that fought on the Western Front. His commanding image appeared on recruiting posters, his stern expression is repeated on this medal. Kitchener died when the cruiser 'Hampshire' struck a German mine and sank while taking him to Russia in 1916.

Obverse Description

Bust of Kitchener in Field Marshal's uniform facing three-quarters right, head bare; laurel wreath in field around head; around, "FIELD MARShAL LORD KITChENER"; the artist's name incuse along the rim below the right shoulder, "J.P. LEGASTELOIS".

Reverse Description

At the left, Britannia standing holding a sield decorated with a thunderbolt and a shield beside a British ensign; in field to right, "ThOROUGh"; incuse along the rim below, "J.P. LEGASTELOIS".

Edge Description

Stamped "BRONZE".

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