Proof Rupee, Issued by, Imperial British East Africa Company, Mombasa, Kenya, 1888 H
Minted by The Mint, Birmingham

Obverse Description

Radiate sun surmounted by a crown; below on ribbon, LIGHT AND LIBERTY; around above, ONE RUPEE; around below, MOMBASA

Reverse Description

At centre, a balanced set of scales; between pans an Arabic legend; around, IMPERIAL BRITISH EAST AFRICAN COMPANY 1888, mint mark H above the date

Edge Description



Between 1886 and 1895 The Imperial British East Africa Company had administrative rights in East Africa around Zanzibar. In 1887 the Sultan of Zanzibar ceded control over the port of Mombasa to British administration and the company took control. In 1888 it had coins struck by The Mint, Birmingham in terms British Indian rupees and fractions. In 1895 a British Protectorate was proclaimed over all of the companies teritories with administration under the British government. The rupee remained the standard coin of the new Protectorate, formally recognised by an Order in Council dated 19 May 1898.

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