Copper alloy coin; Denomination: styca
Issued by Eanred, King of Northumbria
Moneyer: Fordred

The kingdom of Northumbria was made up of the former Angle kingdoms of Bernicia and Deira which were united under Aethelfirth circa 604. The early sceatta coinage gave was to the copper alloy styca in Northumbria in the early ninth century, probably under Aelfwald II. The first coins of this denomination to be produced and preserved in large numbers came under Eanred (c. 808-841) from about 830. Issues of the Kings of Northumbria ane paralleled by issues from the archbishops of York. Viking invasion towards the end of the century saw an end to the kingdom and the styca coinage.

Obverse Description

The legend around a central cross, EANRED REX

Reverse Description

The legend around a central cross, + FORDRED

Edge Description


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