Aureus of Augustus struck between 4 BC and 2 AD, Ancient Roman Empire. Minted by Lugdunum. Lugdunum (Lyons, France) was founded in 43 BC as Colonia Copia Felix Munatia. Augustus chose it as the site for his main mint as well as that for the important cult of Rome and Augustus. This coin depicts Augustus' grandsons, Gaius and Lucius, whom he hoped would succeed him. Both were to die young.

Obverse Description

Laureate head of Augustus facing right; around, CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE

Reverse Description

Gaius and Lucius Caesars togate standing facing front with two shields resting on the ground between them, each with a hand on the top of a shield; behind each shield a spear angled, between tops of spears a simpulum on the left and a lituus on the right; around, AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT; in exergue, C L CAESARES

Edge Description


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