Copper one Penny token, a late strike, minted by Thomas Stokes of Melbourne. Commissioned by James Dixon, owner of a General Store in Wangaratta, Victoria. This token is a late-strike. Andrews notes that no original tokens struck for Dixon are known and that 'Dixon was unfortunate in business, and very soon after Stokes completed his order had to close down, and it is doubtful whether they ever circulated.'

A Canadian by birth, Dixon arrived in Melbourne in 1851. In approximately 1860 he opened a general store in Wangaratta. He had previously owned a cartage business, which operated out of Melbourne. Although Dixon may have suffered a business crisis around 1862, he is listed of the propreitor of a General Store in Ryley Street, Wangaratta, in Butler & Brookes' 1866-1867 Victorian Directory.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter). The token features the name, town and business of the person who commissioned the die from stokes: James Dixon, Wangaratta, general storekeeper. The reverse is a stock Arms die from Stokes.

Obverse Description


Reverse Description

Coat of arms consisting of a central shield set on grass covered ground and below Rising Sun. On left a kangaroo seated facing out but head back towards sun (sejant sinister reguardant) and on right emu with similar stance (passant dexter reguardant). Below ground line and set on bouquet of rose, thistles and shamrock, a ribbon with the motto ADVANCE VICTORIA. The shield is quartered by a cross with a star at the centre and at the end of each arm. The cross is not shaded. The quarters contain: top left, a three-masted sailing ship; top right, a golden fleece; bottom left, an anchor; and bottom right, a wheat sheaf. Around above, VICTORIA . 1862 around below in two lines, T. STOKES MAKER / 100 COLLINS ST. EAST MELBOURNE. The E of EAST is double entered (initially being placed half a letter height too low) and then T of EAST is below the M of MAKER. The standard references for the die used to make this token are: Andrews 14 = Heyde Arms 6 = Sharples Arms 5.

Edge Description


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