1/2 Penny, Issued by James Stanley, 10th Earl of Derby, Isle of Man, Great Britain, 1733
Struck on the Isle of Man by Amos Topping and Samuel Dyall between 15 January 1733 and 23 March 1734

Obverse Description

The Stanley crest and motto: on a chapeau gules, turned up ermine below an eagle with wings spread standing (or preying) on a baby in its cradle; around above, SANS CHANGER; below, 1733

Reverse Description

At centre, triskelis: three legs joined at the upper part of the thigh, flexed, garnished and spurred; between legs, I D 1/2 (Iacobus Darbiensis 1/2 Penny); around, QUOCUNQUE IECERIS STABIT (wherever you throw it, it will stand)

Edge Description



This was the second issue of penny and 1/2 penny coins issued by James Stanley, the 1st being a cast issue of 1709. These pieces were struck by Amos Toppeing anmd Samuel Dyall who came from London to undertake the work

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