Denarius, Issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 108 or 107 BC
Moneyer: M. HERENNI (M. Herennius)
Minted in Rome

Obverse Description

Head of Pietas wearing diadem facing right; behind, PIETAS; in field at right the control mark, O.

Reverse Description

One of the Catanean brothers, Amphinomus or Anapis, running to right carrying their father on his shoulder; behind, M. HERENNI (the coin has been holed and plugged below the father's foot)

Edge Description



Crawford identifies the moneyer as the same person who became Consul in 93 BC. The reverse is linked to the obverse portrait of the goddess Pietas through it's depiction a great act of piety described in a legend from Catania in Sicily. In this, two brothers, Amphinomus and Anapias, when the volcano Atna erupted, carried their aged parents on their shoulders to safety, the stream of lava itself is said to have parted so as not to harm them.

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