5 Cents, Issued by Anhwei Province (Anhui), China, nd. (1897)
Struck at the Anking mint

Obverse Description

At centre within a circle of beads 4 Chinese and 4 Manchu characters; around outside circle, 10 Chinese characters

Reverse Description

At centre, a dragon facing; around above, AN-HWEI PROVINCE; around below, 3.6 CANDAREENS

Edge Description



The Provincial mint at Anking (Anqing) was opened, with modern machinery, in 1897 but was closed between 1899 and 1902. In the first period it struck only silver coins (including this piece). The second period was dedicated to the production of bronze coins, which it continued until finally closed in 1909. Anking was founded in the 2nd century BC. It played an important role in the Taiping Rebellion (particularly 1853-1861) and is now a prefecture-level city in the Anhui Province.

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