Crown (5 Shillings), Issued by New Zealand, 1949
Struck to commemorate a proposed Royal Visit by King George VI
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

King's head, bare, facing left; around, KING GEORGE THE SIXTH; below neck truncation in small letters the artist's initials HP ([Thomas] Humphrey Paget)

Reverse Description

At centre a silver fern leaf flanked by the four stars of the New Zealand Southern Cross; around, NEW ZEALAND CROWN 1949

Edge Description



A visit to New Zealand and Australia by King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret was proposed for 1949. As the dates for the tour grew near, it became apparent that the King's ill health would not allow it to occur. This coin struck to commemorate the visit to New Zealand 200,020 had already been prepared by the Royal Mint, London. Of these 190,000 were shipped to New Zealand, while the New Zealand Government made arrangements for the balance to be distributed for collectors: 4020 in the UK, 1000 in Canada and 5000 in the USA

For the Australian visit see National Archives of Australia:

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