Proof 1/2 Rupee, Issued by Mauritius, 1950
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Crowned head of the King facing left; around, KING GEORGE THE SIXTH; the artist's initials, HP, below neck truncation

Reverse Description

A sambar deer stag standing facing left; around, MAURITIUS HALF RUPEE; in exergue, 1950; artist's initials, KG, above exergue line at left

Edge Description

Security edge


The year 1950 saw Mauritius move away from coinage in silver. Copper-Nickel was introduced for the Rupee, 1/2 Rupee and 1/4 Rupee denominations with large numbers ordered from the Royal Mint, London to allow for the removal of the old silver pieces. This coin is a Proof of Record reference piece supplied by the Royal Mint to the National Gallery of Victoria through the Melbourne Branch of the Royal Mint.

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