Proof 20 Cents, Issued by Mauritius, 1878
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Diademed head of the queen facing left; around, VICTORIA QUEEN

Reverse Description

At centre within a circle of beads, 20; around, MAURITIUS . TWENTY CENTS 1878 .

Edge Description



The British gained control of Mauritius in 1810 at a time when the Spanish dollar was the standard coin. It produced coins based on the dollar from 1820 (both the general colonial 'anchor money' and coins in French, the main language of the inhabitants). On 12 August 1876 an Order in Council established the Indian Rupee as the legal tender of payment and authorised the production of local Mauritius coins as fractions of the Rupee rather than the old dollar. Bronze coins of 1, 2 and 5 cents together with silver coins of 10 and 20 cents were struck from 1877.

This proof example of the 20 cent was acquired by Dr. Howat at the closure of the Sydney Mint in 1926. It had formed part of the Mint's exhibit at the 1879-80 Sydney International Exhibition being provided to the Mint by the Royal Mint, London for that purpose.

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