20 Cash coin issued by Maharaja Sir Mummadi Krishnaraja III Wodeyar in the Mysore Princely State, India
Hammered copper coinage struck at the Bangalore mint in 1838 AD

Obverse Description

Crude lion advancing to left, right paw raised, head facing (sometimes called a Sardula Lion); above, legend (Sri chamundi); below, 1838

Reverse Description

At centre a legend in Persian characters (Krishna, struck at Mysore) around, (Mayili Kasu 20) MEILEE XX CASH

Edge Description



Although the reverse of the coin states that it was struck at the Mysore mint, that mint had been transferred to Bangalore in 1833 (Major R.P. Jackson "Coin Collecting in Mysore", BNJ, 1908, p.338). Krause, p.656, gives "Type VI Obv. Lion, date below. Struck at the Bangalore subsiduary mint" but does not follow this in the description of this type (KM#C.193.1).

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