1 Falus coin, issued by Khudadad Khan in the Kalat Princely State, India, now in Pakistan.
Hammered copper coinage struck at the Kalat mint between 1281 and 1295 AH (possibly in 1286 but the numerals on the coin are in error)

Obverse Description

Within a line circle and a circle of beads, poorly struck up legend in Persian

Reverse Description

Within a circle of beads and a line circle, poorly struck up legend in Persian; may have error numerals for a date 1068 or 1078 around below legend

Edge Description

The edge is plain


The poor quality of this coin reflects the troubled period in which it was struck. "In 1863, a general revolt broke out with most of the tribal chieftains siding against Khudadad Khan. Khudadad was forced to flee and the chieftains elected his cousin, Sherdil, as khan. Sherdil Khan did not last long as Khan being killed by his own mercenary guard.Despite being returned to the throne by the tribal chieftains, Khudadad continued to have troubles administering the kingdom, and revolts continued."
This coin was probably struck in 1869 AD

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