Proof 1 Cent, Issued by Hong Kong, 1931
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Crowned bust of George V facing right; around, GEORGE V KING AND EMPEROR OF INDIA

Reverse Description

At centre within a circle of dots, four Chinese characters; around above, HONG-KONG; below, . ONE CENT 1931 .

Edge Description



The order for 1 cent coins for 1931 requested a smaller coin (22 mm down from 27.6 mm). This was in response to the decreasing value of silver which had fallen by over 50% between 1925 and 1930. There was a fear that the relative value of copper to silver would soon make the larger copper cent pieces worth more as bullion, resulting in their being melted so the small cent was requested. The circulation of the new coins was authorised under a Government Proclamation of 13 November 1931.

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