City of Richmond Children's Fete for Jubillee1887 (AD)
Medal presented by the mayor, G. H. Bennett depicting the Richmond Town Hall
The work of E.A. Altmann
Other Details: The fiftieth anniversary of the ascension of Queen Victoria was celebrated with enthusiasm throughout the Empire. This medal was one of many issued by local governments and organisations to commemorate the occasion. The City of Richmond held a children's fete as part of the festivities.

Obverse Description

Head of Queen Victoria veiled left; around, TO COMMEMORATE QUE[E]N VICTORIA'S JUBILEE . 1887 .

Reverse Description

Within a beaded circle, view of Richmond Town Hall; below, C.H. BENNETT / MAYOR; around above, * CITY OF RICHMOND *; below, CHILDREN'S FETE

Edge Description


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