Australia Victoria
Victoria Jubilee, Shire of St Arnaud 1887 (AD)
Mint: Stokes & Martin
Other Details: Queen Victoria's 50th jubilee in 1887 was celebrated the great enthusiasm throughout the British Empire. This medal was one of many issued by local governments to commemorate the occasion. It was issued by the Shire of St Arnaud. In addition to naming Shire President Donald McArthur, it is unusual for this type of medal for also naming the councillors.

Obverse Description

Head of Queen Victoria facing left, wearing veil and coronet; Around, VICTORIA'S JUBILEE Below, 1887. Inscription on truncation of Queen's neck: STOKES & MARTIN

Reverse Description

Below British arms with lion and unicorn supporters (in letters so small that they can not be easily read): PRESIDENT / DONALD McARTHUR / COUNCILLORS / P. PHILLIPS. W. SHERWOOD VERNON / F.F. DANAHER. J. OCONNOR. C. LUCAS / M. MOLOIY. R. DONOMUS. C. BASSITT / W. MALDER / P.B. CARNS TREA / COLL. / G. WATSON M. CALLACHAN ROB. GORRIE / SEC. J.C. FARQUHARE / ENG. Around, SHIRE OF ST. ARNAUD VICTORIA

Edge Description


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