Denarius, Issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 116 or 115 BC
Moneyer: Q. CVRTI (Q. Curtius), M. SILA (M.Silanus)
Minted in Rome

Obverse Description

Helmeted head of Roma facing right; behind, the denomination mark, X; at right, Q. CVRT

Reverse Description

Jupiter (mostly off flan) in a quadriga drawn by horses advancing to right, in his left hand, a sceptre; below, M. SILA; in exergue, ROMA

Edge Description



As is often the case, the identity of the moneyers of this issue are unknown. Crawford raises the possibility that the M. Silanus may have become Consul in 109 BC or may be the son of that man. Curtius left no other record of his career.

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