Copper One Penny Token, minted by Heaton & Sons, Birmingham, in 1858. Surcharged S. This token is part of a large anonymous token issue made by Heaton & Sons employing die hubbing techniques.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter) worn featuring a figure of Justice seated and a coat of arms. Surcharged with three raised beads.

Obverse Description

Female figure representing Justice seated on a wool bale with legs to left but her head and upper body to front. A wine barrel lies on the ground behind her and a three-masted sailing ship sails to the right on the horizon to the left. She wears a blindfold and extends a balanced set of scales with her right hand. With her left she holds an inverted cornucopia from which fruits flow onto the ground. She wears an ancient-style of flowing dress bound at the waist, her left arm bare and right draped to near the elbow. Around above, MELBOURNE, VICTORIA in exergue 1858 surcharged above hand holding scales with three raised beads.

Reverse Description

Coat of arms consisting of a central shield below a rising sun with emu and kangaroo supporters. The shield is quartered and contains: top left, Golden Fleece, top right, three masted sailing ship, bottom left bull standing facing left, bottom right, anchor. The supporters stand on a pair of simple curved lines which also hold the base of the shield, a ribbon bearing the motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA is draped across these lines below their feet. Around above, PEACE & PLENTY.

Edge Description


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