Vacuum cleaner, Premier Electric, Made in USA.

This appears to be the model of Premier Electric vacuum cleaner advertised in The Argus, Melbourne, on 24 May 1926. The advertisement boasted that its 'rubber-shod, small, free-running wheels cannot possibly harm your carpets. Its suction-brush action removes all dirt, dust, litter - even pieces of cotton - from your floors and upholstered furniture from your shelves, picture rails, mattresses, and clothing. Unlike many cleaners, the "PREMIER" does not depend upon suction alone. Because of its patented suction-brush action it brushes and sucks simultaneously.' It was advertised for sale at £12/10-.

Physical Description

Vacuum cleaner featuring a moulded, triangular, galvanised steel head with a cylinder on the top that is attached to the dust bag. The bag is of a dirty brown canvas with a metal clip to close. The handle of the cleaner is attached to two wheels at either side of the head, and is a black metal tube with a rubber handle. The cord is wrapped around two hooks attached to the handle.

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