Alternative Name(s): Floor Polisher, Scrubber

Vacuum cleaner with dust bag inscribed 'Fillery' attached. The Fillery 'Polisher-Vacuum Cleaner-Scrubber' was advertised repeatedly in Australian newspapers in 1955-56, then was little heard of except as a second hand item.

Physical Description

Vacuum cleaner featuring a square, galvanised steel head with rubber buffer at the front, maroon bakelite cover on the top, and a button and lever to operate. Underneath are round, black-bristled brushes and two wheels. A tubular handle is attached, painted maroon with a maroon bakelite handle and switch. The dust bag is of maroon ribbed cloth, affixed to the handle with a spring, with a metal casp to close and lettering on one side. An electric cord covered with maroon plastic is wrapped around two hooks on the handle.

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